Top 10 Automobile Business Ideas in 2021

The number of registered vehicles in the United States has been increasing steadily over the years. In 2018, 2019, and 2020, the total registered vehicles were 279.1 million, 284.5 million, and 286.9 million vehicles. This translates to a 2.8% increase in the number of vehicles from 2018 to 2020.

As the numbers of registered vehicles continue to surge, they present vehicle enthusiasts with new opportunities to capitalize on to earn a living.

Automobile Business Ideas

In this article, we have outlined the top 10 profitable automobile business ideas you can invest in. check them out.

1. Car Wash Business

Typically, vehicles get dirty due to the numerous pollutants and dirt on the roads and parking areas. If left unattended, the dirt could corrode the vehicles, especially the ones operating in coastal regions. The trapped dust and other pollutants can also become a haven for a plethora of hazardous bacteria and pathogens.

Cleaning remains the most viable option for maintaining the vehicles and their users from the effects of these pollutants.

Unfortunately, most vehicle operators don’t find enough time to give their vehicles the treat they deserve. They end up outsourcing the cleaning services from professional vehicle cleaners.

That said, offering mobile vehicle cleaning services can earn you a decent income to cater to your needs. typically, a mobile cleaning service involves cleaning the vehicles while at their owners’ compound or packing lot, hence relieving them from the burden of taking the vehicles to a cleaning station.

Besides the regular service charges, some vehicle owners will be willing to pay extra for your specialized services. You can learn more on how to start and run a mobile car washing service business here.

automobiles business ideas
automobiles business ideas

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2. Trucking Business

With so many firms cropping in different sectors of the US economy, transportation of raw materials, production machines, and finished goods remain a lucrative business opportunity. The transportation opportunities have even escalated with the new guidelines put in place to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

You can leverage the above opportunities by investing in a trucking business. To get started, you need to identify which area you want to offer your trucking services. Is it delivery of raw materials or distribution of finished goods? Is it a food delivery service?

After identifying your line, you need to partner with firms, businesses, and individuals in that niche. By so doing, you would have created your customer base, without which you can’t secure any business.

Note: Before you partner with your customers, you need to develop a unique pricing strategy to win the competition.

Research the prices of other competitors in the field and then settle on a relatively lower price than theirs. Or charge the same fee as your competitors but with special discounts. For instance, you can promise to offer one free delivery every week. Being unique in your pricing will help you win most clients and build your authority in that niche.

So, you can start a trucking business.

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3. Tire Store Retail Business

As a rule of thumb, No vehicle will operate on the road without wheels. For safety purposes, the law requires all road users to ensure that their vehicles’ wheels are in good shape. They are thus forced to replace their tires regularly.

Given the millions of road users in the United States, the tire store retail business remains a viable business opportunity.

To make the most out of it, you should distinguish different types of tires with their unique numbers. You should also have tire replacement skills to help the clients who are amateurs in tire replacement.

The good thing about this type of business is that it will attract customers to set it up in a local area or a metropolitan city. All you need is the skills to captivate customers to your business.

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4. Food Truck

In recent, most physical eateries are digitizing their operations following the surge in online shopping and food ordering necessitated by the coronavirus restrictions. And food trucking is one of the effective strategies that many firms are utilizing.

The business involves preparing food in a mobile truck and delivering it to clients. Advantageously, the clients get their ordered foods in a fresh hot state, thus giving them the real restaurant experience.

To make the most out of a food truck, you need to identify a gap in the market. Move around your target areas to establish whether other competitors are already supplying food in the region. If there isn’t, carry out surveys to confirm the percentage of the population interested in your food offering.

Examine also the road networks to ensure that you can easily navigate your clients. If the above conditions are favorable, you can proceed to supply your clients with fresh offerings. Remember the quality of your service is key to the success of your business.

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5. Towing Services

The numbers of accidents on US roads increase with the increase in the number of road users. In 2008 alone, the numbers of reported road accidents were 5,811,000, and the numbers of registered vehicles were approximately 246 million. You can imagine how the number of accidents has escalated with more than 286 million vehicles on the US roads today.

The surges in the number of vehicle accidents imply more opportunities to the investors offering towing services. You can also invest in this business and uncover its hidden treasures. To get started, you will have to part with substantial capital to buy the machinery required.

The business entails taking the damaged vehicle to a garage or service station to repair and replace parts at a fee. At startups, you need to inform the road users of your presence and how you can solve your problems by marketing through social media, using billboards, video advertising, etc.

For video advertising, you only need to record footage of one of your towing machines while at work and share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

6. Battery Reconditioning Business

Vehicle batteries become less effective due to continued use. They need regular inspection and conditioning services to maintain them at peak performance.

In extreme cases, batteries may need to be replaced with new ones. That said, a battery reconditioning business can great idea for any motor vehicle enthusiast.

To start the business, you need special knowledge on how to detect a poorly performing battery. You also need the knowledge to distinguish what fluids are suitable for batteries from different manufacturers and how to balance the replacement fluids should revert the battery to its working condition.

Further, you should also obtain the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance covers to align your business with the standing laws and reduce your liabilities should anything go wrong during your daily operations. For instance, your insurer can help you compensate the battery owner if you damage it during the repairs.

If you have any difficulties during startups, you can partner with a battery manufacturing company that can be supplying you with new batteries and replacement fluids. By so doing, you will be earning the service fees plus commission for selling any battery accessories for the company.

For competitive purposes, you need to charge friendly prices and market your business using these tips.

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7. Car Accessories Store

Typically, vehicle parts wear out due to continued use, and they need replacement from time to time. You can earn a considerable amount of income by investing in a car accessory business.

To get started, you need to research the fast going vehicle parts and then capitalize on them and then expand to other vehicle accessories later.

It will also pay more if you have in-depth knowledge of servicing vehicles. This is because you will earn from selling the accessories and servicing the vehicles. However, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the basic skills for servicing vehicles.

All you need is to hire a servicing expert to train you while servicing your clients’ vehicles. Remember, some tasks are best learned by doing.

After accumulating enough skills, you can opt to do the repairs and replacements on your own. Here is a guide to take you through all you need to know to start a successful car accessory business.

best automobiles business ideas
best automobiles business ideas

8. Mobile Mechanic

Do you have exceptional car servicing skills? If you have great authority to repair and replace the vehicle parts, you can earn a decent income by offering mobile mechanical services.

Providing mobile mechanical services implies that you will be going to your client’s homes, businesses, and parking areas to service their vehicles.

To succeed in this business, you need to have a highly flexible schedule to avoid inconveniencing your loyal customers. Imagine a case where your client has a mechanical breakdown, and they call out for your assistance at midnight. Will you let them suffer? We are trying to imply that you must be ready for service at all times to build your authority in the field.

The business involves minimal capital requirements as most of the work will be based on your skills. Like any other business, you need to market your business to reach out to your target audience. This is where digital marketing comes into application.

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9. Start An Automobile Blog

If you are an automobile enthusiast and have excellent writing skills, you can generate money by blogging on automobiles.

To start the blog, you need to select the niche where you will base your posts. This could involve anything related to vehicle models, vehicle parts, vehicle maintenance, etc. After choosing your niche, you need to customize a website that will act as a home for your content.

Proceed to create your blog posts. For convenience, the blogs must be related to your niche. And it must add value to the reader. Additionally, your content must rank. Otherwise, it will be useless.

To rank, your pages must have the right keywords to match the searcher’s intend. They should also have inbound links from authority sites to convince the crawlers about the reliability of your site for ranking purposes.

You will earn money when the people read your content and view the integrated Google ads. Besides the adverts, you can also use your website for tasks like automobile affiliate marketing, marketing a vehicle brand, and so on. You can then monetize your automobile blog.

10. Mobile Oil Change Service

Top automobiles business ideas
Top automobiles business ideas

Changing the vehicle oil is essential for maintaining its engine in excellent working condition. Experts in vehicle maintenance recommend the vehicle owners and operators to change their vehicle’s oil after 60 days or after covering 5000 miles.

However, most vehicle owners don’t get the oil change service at the right time due to long queues at the service stations.

That said, a mobile oil change service can be a great alternative for them. Offering mobile oil change services will involve going to clients’ homes to provide your services. To get started, you need to learn the trade first.

Learning the trade involves equipping yourself with the knowledge on how to exchange oil in different vehicles, the special oils for specific vehicles, and the oil quantity for different vehicles.

Additionally, you should mobilize enough capital for starting and running the business. Typically, a standard mobile oil change investment capital ranges between $. 5000 to. $ 10,000. However, the amount may be lower or higher depending on whether you decide to use a second-hand vehicle or a brand new one.

The other startup costs include obtaining the business documentation like the operational permits, licenses, and insurance, which vary from one state to another. A mobile oil change service business will generate good revenue once the business picks.

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If you are an automobile enthusiast, you will undoubtedly find the above ideas worth your time and investment. However, before you commit to any, research on it well to understand its ins and outs, then set your goals and strategies for achieving them. After startup, always review your implementation strategy to ensure that you are within the budget. That way, you will steadily achieve your goals and grow your business in the long run.