13 Best Business Startup Ideas in 2021

When you think of venturing into business, you are just a few steps away from gaining your financial independence, getting job satisfaction, and being your boss. Though the thought of entrepreneurship may promise you a handful of fortunes, you can only realize most of them by choosing a great business idea and a viable implementation strategy.

What are the best business startup ideas? Below are the top 13 best business startup ideas, you can choose from:

  • Become A Web Developer
  • Offer Freelance Writing Services
  • Offer Online Coaching Services
  • Do Phone Repairs
  • Offer Cleaning Services
  • Start A Podcast
  • Start A Local Grocery Delivery Service
  • Become An App Developer
  • Start A Gymnasium
  • Lawn Maintenance Service
  • Offer Consultancy Services
  • Become a Real Estate Agent
  • Start A Pet Sitting Business

To get the best idea for your business, you need to create a checklist of all the possible business ideas you think you might be good at, then select the best from it.

What if you don’t have any idea options in your mind? In that case, you can choose the best business startup idea that works for you from the checklist we have discussed below.

Best Business Startup Ideas (13 Top Picks)

Here are the 13 best business startup ideas.

Business Startup Ideas
Business Startup Ideas

1. Become A Web Developer

Following the control measures put in place to reduce the spread of Covid 19, more and more businesses are moving their operations online to maintain their competitive advantage. This subsequently results in a demand for websites where they can generate more traffic and convert leads.

That said, customizing websites for such businesses can be a never-ending opportunity for you if you are adept in website programming. The opportunities around website creation are limitless.

You can earn by creating websites from scratch or improving an existing website on behalf of a business. Alternatively, you can earn income by flipping websites. Flipping websites is the act of buying existing websites, improving them, and then selling them at a profit.

To succeed in it, you need to be very knowledgeable on the subject of the website to make the non-performing websites rank in SERPs.

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2. Offer Freelance Writing Services

If you are a natural wordsmith, you can earn income by just crafting meaningful content. The good thing about freelance writing is that it requires a minimal capital outlay to buy the computers and internet accessories, and you are on the go.

The business allows you to work at the comfort of your home, thus relieving you from incurring transport or rental expenses.

So, what opportunities can you get in freelance writing?

Freelance writing is a vast field with numerous opportunities. To mention a few, you can make money by engaging in any of the following writing services.

Starting A Blog

Blogging is the easiest way of claiming your financial independence. To get started, you need an optimized website where you will be posting your blog.

For ranking purposes, your blog should be unique and consistent in a particular niche. Additionally, your content must be well crafted, proofread, and engaging.


If you don’t have a website but have excellent writing skills in different niches, you can make money by offering ghostwriting services. Ghostwriting is the act of writing for another person who doesn’t have writing skills or doesn’t have time to craft content.

As mentioned above, writing offers many income-generating opportunities. If you are good at what you do, you can generate a minimum of $40 per hour regardless of what writing service you are offering.

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3. Offer Online Coaching Services

Another Business Startup Ideas is the online coaching service. If you are good at helping people achieve their goals, you can turn your hobby into a career by offering your services online.

For instance, if you are good at doing workouts, you can help people achieve their workout goals remotely through online platforms like Facebook.

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What do you need to achieve this?

First, you need to prepare your program into subsections. If you are capitalizing on body workouts, the subsections could include the upper body workouts, workouts for the back, legs, and so on.

After that, you need to practice for each section properly before doing your video hosting. Remember, viewers will only subscribe to your channel if it contains something worth their time and internet.

After perfecting your moves, you can use your quality cameras to do the video hosting. You can use any popular online platform to host your video. Your income will accumulate day after another as more and more people subscribe to your channel.

4. Do Phone Repairs

According to statistics, 81% of the US population own a smartphone. And, the total number of smartphone owners is expected to hit 285 million by 2023. Due to the delicate nature of smartphones, a significant number of smartphone owners end up breaking their phones, hence calling for repairs.

Assuming 1 person in every 20 people breakdown their smartphones daily, there would be 14,250,000 phone breakdowns out of the 285 million. Given the 14.25million breakdowns every day, a good phone repairs expert can win a significant share of this opportunity.

A typical phone repair costs approximately $15. This means you can make a good amount on a good day. All you need is enroll in a 3-5 days course to get trained on how to do the repairs.

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5. Offer Cleaning Services

If you love cleaning, you can turn your passion into a career where you will be offering cleaning services to homeowners, commercial institutions, apartment complexes, etc., at a fee. This is another best Business Startup Ideas.

Implementing this idea is almost straight as you will only need to assemble the cleaning equipment, hire cleaners and organize for transportation. However, like any other business, you will have to market your business to win more clients.

Whereas going online can maximize your customer reach out, you can also stand out in the market by offering unique products. For instance, offering premium services like floor waxing and exterior power cleaning besides the typical cleaning package can win you a significant market share.

A successful cleaning business can earn you between $25 and $50 per hour. You can imagine how much income you can make within a month.

6. Start A Podcast

According to statistics, 75% of US citizens are familiar with podcasting, and 37% of the total population listen to podcasts monthly. That implies that you can generate a considerable amount of passive income by publishing podcasts.

So what does it take to publish a podcast? To succeed in podcast publishing, you should be knowledgeable on the subject of the podcast. Also, you need to have quality recording equipment, editing software, and a fully hosted website where you will publish the podcast.

After publishing, you can monetize the podcast by sharing it on social media platforms and other online platforms. You will earn income depending on the number of listeners and subscribers on your podcast.

Like blogging, you need to be consistent in your chosen niche; otherwise, your podcast won’t work.

Best Business Startup Ideas
Best Business Startup Ideas Discussions

7. Start A Local Grocery Delivery Service

As the world deals with the rise in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are transitioning to online shopping. That implies a surge in demand for delivery services.

That said, you can generate a considerable amount of income by starting a local grocery delivery service to help the elderly and the disabled in the locality and the surrounding regions with their shopping.

The project is not exhaustive as it only needs you to acquire a vehicle and a smartphone for receiving customer orders and tracking the progress of the items on transit. The only additional cost you must incur is promoting your products; which is normal for any successful business.

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8. Become An App Developer

If you are good at graphics and programming, you can earn income by developing apps. To make the most out of your work, you should ensure that your apps are unique and add value to the users.

For instance, if you are passionate about cars, you can customize an app about all mechanical problems that car owners are likely to encounter.

After you have fully customized your app, you can monetize it by publishing it as a free up or a premium app. Publishing it as a free app will earn you income through advertisements, referral marketing, app purchases, etc.

On the other hand, publishing your app as a premium one means users will have to pay you an upfront amount you have stated before accessing the app.

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9. Start A Gymnasium

Due to the prevalence of diseases related to obesity, most people worldwide are transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to weight-cutting programs. This implies more opportunities for gym owners.

You can take advantage of the rising number of gym customers by starting your workout station. To make the most out of it, you should create awareness about your station through a blog. You can hire a professional to do content marketing for you if you don’t know how to go about a blog.

Also, you can win customer loyalty by updating your gymnasium with the latest facilities in the market. It will also be of great importance to train your clients on how to utilize any new workout equipment in your station.

If well managed, the gym business can earn you up to $166000 profit per year.

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10. Lawn Maintenance Service

If you have excellent lawn maintenance skills, then you are only a few steps away from being your boss. With the necessary equipment like a lawnmower, trailer, mowing rake, and sufficient human labor, you can generate huge revenue by offering lawn maintenance services to those who don’t have a passion for the job.

The amount of income you can earn from lawn maintenance services will depend on the number of clients you can secure per month and the quality of services you are offering.

That said, you will need to promote your business both online and offline so as to convert potential clients to your business.

11. Offer Consultancy Services

If you are passionate and knowledgeable on a specific subject (social media marketing, leadership, communication, law, etc.),you can generate income by starting a consultancy business in that niche. You may offer your services online or face to face depending on their nature.

The amount of the initial capital outlay will also depend on the nature of your business. For instance, if you intend to start a law consultancy office, you may need to buy some furniture, machines, and office stationery. You will also need some funds to obtain the compliance certificates and licenses.

The amount of revenue from your consultancy services will depend on the quality of your services and how well you can reach out to customers.

Typically, most consultancy businesses pick up after several months after inception; and so could be your business.

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12. Become a Real Estate Agent

Though many people love buying or renting new homes, a significant number of them find it overwhelming to navigate the housing market.

As an active player in the field, you can help many people look for new living spaces at a price that fits their budget.

How much can you incur to become a real estate agent?

Becoming a real estate agent is free in almost all states. However, in many states, the real estate regulatory authorities require the agents in the field to go through some real estate training.

So, you will have to pass through months of training and pass the related exam to qualify as a real estate agent. Besides the certification, you will also need to possess excellent interpersonal skills to make it in the field.

13. Start A Pet Sitting Business

When traveling for extended periods, most pet lovers look for a reliable pet sitter who can take care of their pets throughout the traveling period. Your pet sitting business can be of great help to them.

The business involves no complexities. All you need is to be passionate about almost all types of pets as you will have to feed different pets, wash them, play with them and update your client about their progress.

The good thing about the pet sitting business is that it’s not too involving. You may have some time to engage in other income-generating activities.

For instance, if you have a computer, internet connection, and have excellent writing skills, you can offer ghostwriting services and earn some direct cash.

different types of entrepreneurship
different types of entrepreneurship

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Select Your Business Idea

Before you land on any of the ideas discussed above, it’s essential to consider the opportunities available. Is there a demand for your products or services? You better leave the idea if the existing businesses of the same nature are not performing.

Another thing to consider is whether you are knowledgeable and passionate about the field you are about to choose. As a rule of thumb, venturing into a familiar field will allow you to strategize and navigate through the darkest corners of the market without sweating. You will also find it easy to draft a business plan to seek finance for the business. Have you enjoyed the Business Startup Ideas?