How Does Google Support Entrepreneurship in the USA?

Are you wondering how does Google supports entrepreneurship in the USA? Google helps small businesses in many ways, partly because it also started off as a small business, what we now call a startup in the tech world.

Even though Google is now one of the biggest companies in the world, this was not always the case and as a company, they understand how difficult it can be for an entrepreneur to break into a market and succeed.

If you are a start-up, a small business, or an entrepreneur, understand that Google is one of the best resources available for you.

How Does Google Support Entrepreneurship in the USA? Learn More About The Google For Startups Program.

Learn different ways google can help whether you are in the tech industry or not – google is the small business resource you have been looking for!

Google has a whole program for startups. Even if you do not have a technology-based company, all companies still need to have a foot in the technology world, even if that is just through a social media presence, advertising, and marketing.

The program that Google has created to help you is called google for startups (originally it was called google for entrepreneurs) and it has been around since 2012. If you have not taken advantage of this program, the time is now!

Google Support Entrepreneurship in USA
Google Support Entrepreneurship in USA

Let’s look at some different parts of the program and how this can help you and your small business.

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1# Build a Product

The first thing you will want to look into is building a web-based product. These products typically revolve around websites and applications.

You can start by applying for training, mentorship, and credits to start building using the Google infrastructure. Some things you can do or learn about within this program include:

  • Start in the android program to launch an app.
  • Use Google’s Firebase mobile development platform to build and grow your apps.
  • Start a mobile or web app in the Google Cloud.
  • Use the android studio to create an app.
  • Use Google Maps API for your business (location data, mapping, and navigation at your customer’s fingertips as super important for all businesses, new or established).
  • Make a web app – this allows customers to use your app without having to commit to a download.

2# Get Insights and Analytics

Once you do have websites and apps available for your potential customers you are going to want to know just how well these products are performing for you. This is where using Google Analytics is a must-have for any business.

The Google startup page has different sections related to analytics to help you learn about some of the ways that you can best utilize analytics to collect informative data and gain insights into your customer base and how people react to your web pretense.

Here are the different sections that are broken down in the tools section of the analytics portion of this helpful guide.

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Google Analytics – you can read a get started section as well as having the opportunity to take courses in Google Analytics. If you have time to do so, these courses are free. There are currently 6 different courses you can take:

  • Google Analytics for beginners
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics for power users
  • Getting started with Google Analytics 360
  • Introduction to data studio
  • Google Tag Manager fundamentals.

It is important to understand that Google Analytics can be a powerful tool in understanding your customer’s wants, desires, and motivations so learning everything you can about how to master this program should be high on your to-do list.

  • Tag Manager – Tag manager also has a get started page as well as a course on the fundamental of google tag management and integration of this program.
  • Google Surveys – Sometimes the easiest way of knowing what your potential customers want to just ask them. This section also has a get start page as well as a section of tips for creating successful surveys. From the tips page, you can set your first survey up!
  • Data Studio – this section is about bringing all the data you have collected across multiple google products as well as any other data points you have and using this data to create reports that you can actually use to improve your business.
  • Google Forms – Google forms are like surveys, in fact, surveys are one of the forms you can use. However, they also have things like questionnaires and sign-up forms to use. This section will give you tips on how to use them, how to collect responses and how to customize these forms to add photos and video.
  • Google Trends – Finally, google trends allows you to not only use the data you have collected from your visitors and customers but to find out what is trending and how this can help you and your business.

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3# Hosting and Storage Needs

When you are setting up a business and trying to get everything you need you will see that you will need to utilize a lot of different vendors as many vendors have specific specializations.

However, you will be happy to know that Google offers a lot of options when it comes to your business’s storage and hosting needs. Here are some of the products you can sign up for through Google:

  • Domains – get personalized domains and email addresses.
  • Firebase Hosting – We discussed using Firebase for developing and designing apps previously by getting Firebase hosting you can set up web apps, mobile apps, and landing pages quickly.
  • Cloud Storage For Firebase – Use cloud storage for the extra space you need, this will integrate with the rest of the Firebase suite easily.
  • Google Cloud Web Hosting – Store and host websites and apps in the cloud. Worry about your customers and the product you have produced, not the framework.

Google can also help entrepreneurs with productivity. When you are running a small business, there are so many things to do. It is easy to get distracted doing dozens of tasks and never getting anything done. Being productive is imperative to running a successful business.

Here are some ways Google can help you with your productivity.

  • Use Google Workspace – Google Workspace has basic tools like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and calendar. If you are unfamiliar with any of these products or ones not listed like meetings, chat, sheet, or slides they each have their own training pages like basics, cheat sheets, guides, and tips. These tools can assist you in communication, planning, productivity, and more!
  • Google Keep – Google Keep is a note-taking app that allows you to jot down an idea that hits you wherever you are, regardless of the time of day. You can save a variety of things here including to-do lists, notes, photos, and audio clips.
  • Google Cloud Print – with Google cloud print and a cloud-connected printer you can print documents and Chrome tabs from anywhere.
  • Google Groups – Google Groups is a great way to communicate with coworkers, employees, or people you network with. This includes having forums to talk in or collaborative inboxes to share files, photos, to-do-list, and ideas.

How Does Google Support Entrepreneurship in the USA? – Learn Best Practices For Running a Business

Besides the massive amounts of tools that Google gives you through the startup program, they also provide a basic free education in ways to become successful.

Here are some of the areas you can read about and the type of information you can find.

How Does Google Support Entrepreneurship in the USA
How Does Google Support Entrepreneurship in the USA

Learning How To Hire The Right People

Google has a whole section on how to hire the right people. When you can not do every single thing to run a business on your own you really need to understand how to get people who will help your business and not hurt it.

You do not want to put 1000s of hours into a business only to have your staff ruin it for you to understanding how to get the right people are very important.

Some information you will find here includes a video on the 5 keys to building successful teams and a Google podcast on how google does their own hiring and how they approach staffing including tips on interviewing, screening and finding people to help in making staffing decisions.

They have a guide section complete with actionable steps and tools. For instance, they have different guides on how to review resumes, how to interview, how to create a job description to get the desired employee, and how to train your interviewers.

If you feel like you are still not ready, they have 11 different blog posts to teach you even more like how to use science to find the right person or why it is important to get more than one opinion on whether a candidate is right for your position.

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How To Be an Effective Leader

Now that you know everything you need to know about how to hire the right people it is important to also understand how to be a leader. Just because it is your business does not mean you know how to lead people or motivate people. These are skills that any good boss has.

If you have ever worked for anyone you know that there are good bosses, great bosses, and bosses you can not wait to get away from. What made your favorite boss so good at their job? Sure, sometimes a person is just a born leader.

They can motivate people, get people to listen to them, and work hard for a specific goal. However, most people learn how to lead, they are not born with this skill. You can also learn how to be an awesome boss.

Being an awesome boss is important if you want productive employees who will stay with your company over the long haul.

When you have high turnover you have to spend money advertising job positions and time interviewing and choosing new employees. Then you spend time in training and development.

All this time and money could be spent on making your company find more success, but if you do not have a good work environment, people will leave, and you will have to start all over with new staff – you need to learn how to avoid this.

So now that you have a greater understanding of why you need a good leader – just what type of info does google offer to help you achieve this goal? They have videos and articles on ways to become a good leader.

Some of these are based upon the combined business experience of google leaders. Other videos feature leaders at other companies also sharing their vast knowledge on how to lead properly, how to motivate, how to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

You will also learn about how to create the right culture in your workplace.

If you believe you have skills and understanding in specific areas but not others, Google has broken down certain areas to focus on – you will be able to start with whatever area you feel weakest in.

Each one of these areas also has tons of videos and blogs to get information from and learn how to be successful from the beginning. Some of these areas include:

  • Goal Setting – Learn how to set goals for each person on the team or for different departments.
  • Unbiasing – Everyone has an unconscious bias – learn how to help everyone understand this, become educated in what this means, and how to hold everyone accountable to stop bias from negatively impacting your workforce.
  • Managers – Identify make makes a good or bad manager.
  • Teams – Identify how to run a good team and make any team effective.

We have only gone into two areas of the best practices – but I felt those were the two that you should start with as learning how to hire and how to lead could truly make a break a business.

Google startup program
Google startup program

The Google startup program also has similar detailed best practices that cover the following:

  • Setting Goals and tracking them
  • Growing Revenue
  • Raising Funds
  • Design and Testing
  • Understanding Your Customers

We have also mainly talked about this one program, albeit the program itself is comprehensive and impressive, but when trying to figure out How Does Google Support Entrepreneurship in the USA you need to understand this program is only one small way.

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Google has one of the biggest platforms on the planet and just by being indexed, especially in the local index, you are getting free advertising for your business you may have never got in another way.

Google sells ad space across millions of websites and platforms for you to reach an even bigger audience. They often give free or discounted ads to small businesses or have open grants for entrepreneurs to apply for which can reduce the costs of marketing.

You should now have a greater understanding of how Google supports entrepreneurship in the USA and you should really make the time to start going through the Google startup program and getting all the help and education you can to make your business successful starting today!