How to Hire Developers for a Startup Without Funding

Building and establishing a product from scratch can be exciting and challenging, especially with minimal funding. Even with the most brilliant idea for a startup in a particular industry, it takes a good team to bring the vision to life.

A great team is therefore essential in the future success of your startup. To scout and establish the best developer to work with is no mean fit. In this article, find the best tips for startup hiring to help you deliver you’re a-game to your target market.

Hiring Tips For Your Startup Team

hire developers for startup without funding
hire developers for startup without funding
  • Get your team on the same page– for your startup to have a solid team, you need to ensure that they align with your values and mission. They need to possess a positive drive towards building your startup.
  • Stipulate your company values– for a startup to do well, the company values must be well stipulated to the team for proper teamwork. These values help to govern employees’ conduct in the company that attributes to the quality of work.
  • Get your basics right– most startups make the mistake of implementing many development programs that do not necessarily add value, straining their already scarce resources. Ensure your startup implements strong basic functioning like effective feedback, and the rest will fall in place.
  • Empower your team– as the startup grows, the team must grow together with it. It is paramount to empower the team members for professional and personal growth as this shows your company takes their job seriously and values their input.
  • Highlight the competitive advantages of your business– just like an employer chooses the employee they want to work with, employees are also choosing their potential employer. Therefore, it is important to single out the competitive advantages they stand to gain from working with you over any other companies, such as employee perks, an outstanding product, and a great working environment.
  • Make your candidate feel valued– making a candidate feel appreciated and needed in your company goes a long way in motivating them to offer their best. Avoid letting it be all about filling a vacant position but creating a connection and healthy relationship with the team.
  • Diversity is key– making diversity a goal for a startup is the first step in attracting it. Establish the diversity target for your company, be it gender, age, or professional experience.
  • Eliminate weak spots in your hiring strategy– your hiring strategy as a startup could be the reason qualified candidates are shying away from interviews. Ensure all the recruiting levels, which are essential; all serve their intended purpose.

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Challenges of Forming a Startup Team

As a startup, bringing the right people on board to actualize your vision is not an easy task. A majority may not share the same ambition as you hence crippling your startup growth rate.

Below are some of the common challenges you expect to face;

  • Harsh reception for new players

Being a startup business in any market comes with a not-so-warm welcome. The market is tough, and bringing in a new product is met with stiff competition from other players in the market, and it only gets harder to maneuver.

Having a play-to-win strategy is vital in ensuring your business survives among the rest in the industry.

  • Hiring issues

Finding the right people for the team is a struggle every startup company faces. Hiring remote developers for your startup or filling in any other position is not any easier.

  • Role distribution

As a startup, your business may not have enough task force, hence maximizing available labor. It means that the few employees available are forced to juggle roles that could require others to perform.

Distributing the different roles to your small team may mean poor quality results that could reflect poorly on your startup’s performance in the market.

  • Financial management

Financial management is a crucial aspect of the success or failure of your startup. Whether you handle all the finances solely or with the help of investors, ensure to have an excellent financial management system, for example seeking advice from financial consultants.

  • Security threats

Security is another vital aspect of success in a startup business. With most modern businesses taking place on online platforms, any sensitive details of the business face security threats from the many users who can access it. Ensure to set up robust protection of your startups’ sensitive information.

  • Communication difficulties

As a startup, ensuring all your team members are on the same page may be a huge task. With realities of development on one side and your business goals on the other, balancing to get the intended results may be difficult.

Make peace with the idea that each department has different agendas and not everything will go on as planned.

  • Creating a strong customer base

Staying in business for a startup means building a strong customer base. For every business, the main agenda is having people purchase the product they introduce to the market. Ensure to work on this early enough, even before starting the development process.

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how to hire developers for startup without funding
How to hire developers for startup without funding

What to Look for in an Ideal Developer

A developer, for example, a software developer for tech products, is technically the hands and brains that bring great ideas to life. Therefore, you have to be extra careful when hiring a developer to ensure you get a candidate that executes your vision as you want it.

The process of recruiting one may be tedious, having to go through dozens or hundreds of resumes.

Remember, there is no perfect candidate, and you may not have the luxury of time on your side to find a person who checks all your boxes in terms of skills, personality, and experience.

However, to make the process a bit easier for you, ensure you identify the hiring priorities and qualities you are looking for in a great developer. Some of the leading questions that would help you choose the right candidate include;

  • What level of experience should your ideal developer have?
  • What personality type do you think would fit in with your existing team?
  • What skills do you seek from a potential developer for your startup?
  • What kind of technology do you use?

Answering these questions help you set up a profile of your ideal candidate, making it easier for you to go through the recruitment process.

  • Look beyond the curriculum vitae

Like is the case with many job seekers, sometimes what is indicated on a developer’s curriculum vitae is not entirely true.

Most applicants tend to bend the truth to fit the requirements and appear attractive to the business hence why you need to look beyond the cv before making a decision.

Most resumes will only highlight the major talking points of their careers, for example, where they schooled without detailing what they have achieved in the development field.

Rushing through the interview process may have you recruiting a candidate without proven experience that matches the theoretical skills.

Go beyond the initial screening process to ensure the developer you settle for has practical expertise to execute the tasks you need. You could test their experience, for example, by sending them a technical test before sealing the deal.

If the results are pleasing to you, delving further and getting in touch with previous employers will give you a good feel for their work. Due diligence is vital in establishing whether your potential developer can work well in a startup environment.

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  • Have an extra interviewer

If you are new to the business and not very versatile with tech issues, having an extra pair of eyes and ears in the interview sessions is a good idea. Deciphering whether or not a developer is efficient enough and meets the criteria you need is an important part of the interview.

Having a person with a tech background is advisable to help you pinpoint the perfect candidate. They can evaluate the developer’s traits that may turn out to be what you seek or pick up on a statement that indicates their level of experience that you would otherwise have missed.

If you do not have a contact person with a tech background to help you with recruitment, consider investing in expert recruiters to offer guidance on the screening process.

  • Study the portfolio

Studying a developer’s portfolio is not rocket science. You do not need tech expertise to look through their portfolio to see what they have achieved in their career.

A good developer is willing to go the extra mile out of their comfort zone to create the best product for their client. The easy way to establish one that takes pride in their work is by going through their portfolio.

For your startup to grow exponentially, you will want to engage with a developer who has experience in the same sector with a product that is similar to what you are selling. Close examination of the portfolio helps to establish their competence in the field.

A developer who is hesitant to share their portfolio could mean they are not well experienced or confident in their work, and this should be viewed as a red flag.

  • Avoid rushing your final hiring decision

With a startup business, you may feel pressed for time and end up making a rush decision on the developer you want to hire. However, hiring the wrong person is more disastrous than the feeling of having to hire one quickly.

The more time you invest in screening your potential developer, the higher chances to discover a better class of candidates to hire. Like earlier mentioned, looking beyond the information given during the hiring process can only do more good than harm to your startup.

Avoid settling on the first candidate you feel fits the profile. It could have more lasting damage on your product and business at large than you can fix. Slowing down the recruitment process will help you focus on your business needs and the job specifications.

Remember, the overall success of your startup heavily relies on the team you put together, including the developers you choose to work with within your business.

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How to hire developers without funding

Most startups face a common challenge when it comes to hiring. It is especially so if the resources are limited and there not much to offer.

With insufficient funds, paying for good services to boost the growth of a startup business can be an uphill climb.

Developers can be quite expensive for a startup to afford, and without great perks, most experienced developers may not want to work for a startup. One of the hacks that have saved most startup businesses in the early stages of setting up has been outsourcing.

Working with overseas developers is good for small startups as they can access senior developers at favorable rates compared to the local ones.

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hire a developer for startup without funding
Hire a developer for startup without funding

Benefits of outsourcing developers for startups

Below are some of the key benefits of outsourcing developers;

  • Cost-effectiveness

For a startup business, cutting costs is a top priority where funds are limited. Outsourcing for developers is a plus for the business as they can get good quality of service at a lower cost.

  • Access to a large talent pool

The local market may not have large options of qualified developers for startups. However, outsourcing in European countries like Ukraine offers a large array of qualified developers with proven track records. Some of these countries are known to be the biggest technology hubs in the world.

  • Quick marketing

Entrusting an outsourced team with your product development could translate to more time to perform strategic tasks. With a project manager in place, you are assured that your startup technological aspect is in good hands.

  • High-Quality Software Development

Landing on an experienced team with a proven track record of product development ensures a quality end product. The country the developer works from is not the determining factor as the expertise and experience they possess.

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Running a startup business is not a walk in the park. It requires determination, hard work, and most of all, resilience. With limited funds, contracting service providers like a skilled developer to work on your product may be challenging to some. However, with the tips discussed above, you’re sure to find a good developer to bring life to your vision and set your startup business for success.