Top 19 Wealthiest Women Entrepreneurs in the USA (most successful)

Of the 400 richest Americans list released by Forbes, only 56 were women. However, their cumulative net worth was $455 billion, $25 billion more than in 2019. Of the $25 billion, $22 billion was shared between two women.

Of significance, was the dominance by family members alluding to the possibility of intergenerational wealth, or dynastic wealth. A new entrant into the list is Mackenzie, who until recently, was the wife of Jeff Bezos, the CEO of

Most successful woman entrepreneur in USA

Read on for more about the wealthiest women entrepreneurs in the USA;

Wealthiest Women Entrepreneurs in the USA
Wealthiest Women Entrepreneurs in the USA

[1] Julia Koch

Her fortune is estimated at $64.6 billion as of May 2021. Julia is an American socialite, philanthropist, and widow to billionaire industrialist David Koch.

The Billionaire passed on in 2019, leaving his vast empire to his wife Julia who currently has a 42% stake. Julia was born into a pretty humble family in Iowa, where her parents owned a boutique.

Her interest in beauty saw her move to New York to model. While still in modeling, she brushed shoulders with prominent people including Nancy Reagan, whom she had the privilege of dressing.

Currently, she serves as the president of the David H. Koch Foundation. Her philanthropic side has seen her donate an approximate $10 million to asthma and allergy research to the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

[2] Alice Walton

Alice is the only daughter of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. Unlike her brothers Rob and Jim Walton, Alice focused her early life on investments, brokerage as well as a stint as an equity analyst.

She then founded the Llama Company, an investment bank that she later sold in the early 1990s. Her interests also extend into Art which saw her establish the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art.

Months before the 2020 worldwide corona Pandemic she revealed her intentions to repair the ‘broken’ healthcare system by opening a holistic health institute.

Her net worth is estimated to be $63.2 billion as of October 2020.

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[3] MacKenzie Scott

She is the second wealthiest American woman. Most of her fortune came as a divorce settlement package after she called it quits with Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and richest man in the world.

Scott later moved on to change her middle name to June, before later vowing to give a significant portion of her wealth to charity. This was to be through The Giving Pledge, a philanthropic movement of wealthy individuals that donate to charity.

She is an American novelist and her net worth is estimated at $61.4 billion as of April 2021.

[4] Miriam Adelson

Miriam is a medical doctor, born in Israel, who majors in treating people with Opioid Disorder in their Sheldon G. Adelson Research clinic in Las Vegas.

Miriam inherited her fortune from her husband of many years who died at the start of 2021. The widow inherited half of the $48 billion gambling empire that has outlets in Macao, Singapore, and Las Vegas.

According to the Forbes list, her net worth is approximately 36.2 Billion as of March 2021.

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[5] Jacqueline Mars

Jacqueline Mars, the granddaughter to Frank mars, was born in the United Kingdom. Her grandfather founded Mars Candy Company whose fortune shot over time to be valued at over billions. Jacqueline alongside her brother and nieces owns approximately one-third of the multi-billion company.

For 20 years, she diligently served on the Mars company board until late 2016 when she resigned. She has chosen to focus her remaining energy on the Mars Foundation, the philanthropic branch. Among her other responsibilities, including serving as a board member of the National Archives and the Smithsonian.

Her net worth is estimated to be $31.5 billion as of the start of 2021.

[6] Abigail Johnson

Her net worth currently stands at approximately 21.2 billion.

She started off as the CEO of Fidelity Investment back in 2014, before graduating to be the Chairperson in 2016. The fund was founded in 1946 by her grandfather Edward Johnson II.

As of the start of this year, she had a significant 24.5% stake in the firm firmly placing her as one of the major shareholders. The firm boasts of over $3.8 Trillion in managed assets.

She recently plunged into the newly launched world of cryptocurrencies in which their firm, makes it possible for investors to trade in either bitcoins or ether through their platform.

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[7] Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene is the widow of the late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of apple. Upon the demise of her late husband, Laurenne inherited millions, if not billions, of dollars from Disney and Apple. This was back in 2011. Before her husband’s death, she had founded a non-profit organization, Emerson Collective.

The organization has interests in investment and philanthropy. Its main focus is environmental consciousness, health, education, social change, and the media. The widow also has a controlling stake in the renowned The Atlantic Magazine.

Her other vast business interests include the natural foods company she co-founded, stakes in Ownership Group Monumental Sports & Entertainment as well as numerous online tools that help learners study more effectively.

Her net worth is valued at approximately $19 billion.

[8] Tom and Judy Love

Their humble beginnings can be traced to 1964 when they leased an abandoned gas station for $5000. Through sheer hard work and determination, they have grown the business to 490 locations and 41 states across the continent.

The annual revenue is estimated to be $20.6 billion. Currently, the couple, together with their children are responsible for various executive functions with Tom serving as the Chairman and Judy as the executive secretary.

Forbes estimates her net worth to be $10.9 billion as of 2021.

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[9] Blair Parry-Okeden

The billionaire heiress to the Cox Enterprises has interests in automotive, communications, and telecommunication is granddaughter to founder James M. Cox.

Though she currently plays role in the company, she has a 25% stake in the $21 billion dollar company which she inherited from her mother. The American-born Australian authored a children’s book and is married to a son of a prominent Australian Agriculturalist.

Her net worth is valued at 9.2 Billion as of 2021.

[10] Ann Walton Kroenke

Ann is the wife of a multi-billionaire real estate developer, Stan Kroenke. Ann is the daughter of Bud Walton, who together with his brother, co-founded Walmart Fortune.

Speculation has it that, Ann’s husband was able to purchase Nuggets with Ann’s help. His husband owns 5 U.K and USA teams including Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Rams.

Forbes estimates that her net worth is $8.6 billion as of March 2021.

[11] Diane Hendricks

She is a women entrepreneur with a fortune of over $5 billion. Most of this has been eked from her roofing-related business.

However, her journey to success hasn’t been all rosy (a story for another day). Alongside her husband, Ken, they founded the A.B.C. Supply Company.

She remodeled homes in her early life while her husband was building the A.B.C. Supply roofing company. Later, the couple decided to work together for the success of the company. All was well until 2007, when her husband passed on, leaving Diane as the Sole Proprietor of the company.

Trouble wasn’t far off, for soon after her husband’s demise, her rivals unsuccessfully tried to buy her out. This wasn’t to be as she steadily held to the company and even catapulted it to greater success. In 2016, it bought the L & W Supply, making this an enormous retail breakthrough of A.B.C. Supply.

The purchase placed the A.B.C. Supply Company at the top of the roofing supplies sector.

Currently, the company has opened over seven hundred branches which make over $10 billion in sales. The widow’s current net worth is $8 billion.

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[12] Nancy Walton Laurie

Nancy Walton Laurie is a sister to Ann Walton. Like her sister, she is married to a real estate developer, Bill Laurie, who at some point owned St. Louis Blues Hockey.

Nancy inherited a great fortune of her wealth from her father and together with her husband, own Missouri Providence Bank. She is actively involved in the performing arts industry and she currently serves on the Board of Trustees at The Julliard School.

Her net worth is approximately $7.5 billion.

[13] Marijke Mars

Just like her sisters, she inherited a huge junk of her fortune estimated to be 8% of the Mars Inc. Unlike her sisters though, she prefers keeping a low public profile and has served on the board of directors alongside her sister Valerie.

In her previous life, after graduating from Duke University, she served as Regional Manager of Kal Kan foods.

The latest Forbes ranking values her net worth at $7.2 Billion.

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[14] Pamela Mars

Similar to her filthy rich sisters, her wealth is courtesy of the inheritance she got for her family business, the Mars Family candy business.

Of her sisters, she is among the few who have had an active role in the company has held various roles. Key among them include plant manager and board chairperson.

Her latest responsibility within the multi-billion empire is to oversee animal hospital chains within and outside the US. Other than the family business, she also sits on the Heineken Company Board.

The latest Forbes ranking values her net worth at $7.2 Billion.

[15] Valerie Mars

Valerie is the third of the Mars’ sisters who inherited an 8% stake in the Mars Inc fortune company that was founded in 1911.

Currently, Valerie serves as the Vice-Chair of Corporate Development. In her role as vice-chair, she spearheads, acquisitions, joint ventures, and diversification on the Mars Inc company. Currently, the company has other food brands under its name including pet food makers Whiskas and Pedigree, as well as Uncle Ben’s.

Other than the family consortium, she serves as in numerous boards and companies in different capacities. Key among them are Rabobank North America, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Royal Canin.

Forbes estimates her net worth at $7.2 billion as of 2021.

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[16] Victoria Mars

The eldest of the four sisters, Victoria 63, has worked her way up the ranks to currently serve as the chairperson of the Mars Inc. Consortium.

She is best known as an outspoken defender of women’s rights within the workforce. Under Her leadership, the candy fortune expanded its partnership to CARE to better the working conditions of women.

Forbes estimates her net worth at $7.2 billion as of 2021.

[17] Christy Walton

The daughter-in-law of Sam Walton was married to John Walton up until his death in 2005.

As a widow, she inherited a substantial sum of money as a stake in the retail giant. She later moved to Jackson, Wyoming, and established an investment fund that focuses on sustainable fishing.

Her net worth is equivalent to the Mars sisters and is approximated to be $7.2 billion.

[18] Stewart and Lynda Resnick

The genius agriculturists and guru marketers owe their billions to nature. The two have carved their way to the wealthiest list through their joint ventures that majorly focus on oranges and almonds.

They have expansive acres of land across different states where they grow their agricultural produce. Their interest extends to other natural resources as they have a majority stake in Fiji water. Their extensive works in agriculture have also seen them pledge millions to climate change.

The two also own a controlling stake in Kern water Bank, a household California company involved in underground water facilities.

Their cumulative net worth is estimated to be $7.1 billion as of 2021.

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[19] Judy Faulkner

Judy Faulkner is one of the most influential entrepreneurs you’ve probably never heard of, based on her entrepreneurial achievements over the years. As of October 2020, her net worth was estimated at $5.5 billion.

Her company, Epic System, is located in Wisconsin. The company specializes in the provision of medical records data. It serves as a hospital’s backbone, predominantly used by hospitals for exchanging and maintaining electronic medical records within the institution.

Her technology allows for quick and seamless scheduling of doctor-patient appointments that would otherwise take a lengthy period. It is unique since it aids in the tracking of patient information and expedites the appointment time with the doctor.

Filling and interface were introduced as the company evolved. The government has been urging individuals to be using the epic system over the past decade. Currently, the program is used in over 2,000 hospitals worldwide, and it even thickened to aid in the pandemic.

successful woman entrepreneur
successful woman entrepreneur

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The above list of wealthy women in the USA is a testament to the changing times in the entrepreneurial landscape. Despite the fact that they either married right or were born into wealth, they have done quite a lot to either multiply or expand the wealth they inherited.

That said, entrepreneurship calls for patience, planning, calculated risk-taking, as well as a helping hand to the less fortunate. The charities and philanthropic pursuits, of the wealthiest women, are a testament to these. To the young entrepreneur women out there, your dreams are within rich, all you need is to do your time.