How Do Successful Startups Outsource Customer Service?

Customer service is a critical part of running any business successfully. It is a key ingredient to starting a good relationship with customers. With excellent customer service in place, every need and request of the customer will be listened to and attended to. Customers will also be more likely to stay longer with a business that listens to their needs.

Successful startups have been able to start and maintain great relationships with their customers by outsourcing customer service. Usually, the startup is in the very early stages of taking their idea from a prototype to an actual product or service consumed by the customer. They are often too busy, and their talent is stretched out to ensure that they make their ideas a reality.

In this time, outsourcing customer service makes it possible to keep the customers closer to them. Outsourcing also enables a startup to focus on its main business without losing touch with the customers. It provides the startup a way to keep their customers informed about their progress and when new services and products reach the market.

Customers are usually curious about what a startup is currently doing. Outsourcing customer service means that all the communications with the customers are taken care of by a third party. A careful selection of a company to outsource customer service is very important as it ensures that the startup is well represented.

outsource customer service
outsource customer service

The services that are provided should also be in line with the goals and standards of the startup. Keeping the customers up-to-date about the startup’s progress makes it easier for them to establish the best kind of customer relationship.

In the very early stages of any startup, complaints and queries from new customers are common. Being able to take care of such issues is very important as it ensures the customers are satisfied. For many startups, outsourcing to a dedicated customer service company is important.

Using a single company to represent the startup, the startup can maintain its brand image. They can also present their identity to the world in the best manner possible. It also makes it possible to coordinate all the customer services and ensure that they are handled professionally.

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How do successful startups outsource customer service

So, how do successful startups outsource customer service? Following are important tips that successful startups follow whenever they outsource their customer services.

1. Establishing Goals

Goals are important in the customer service journey. With clear goals in place, it becomes easier to determine when progress is being made. Goals also make it easier for the startup to determine how well they can go along with the customer relationship.

For any startup to be successful with their customer services, they must define their goals and dictate what they want to achieve from the services. The startup and all members of its management must also agree on all the goals without breaking policy and other company restrictions.

2. Think about the Customers

What is the persona of the typical customer that your startup expects to interact with? What social media channels do they interact with most of the time? Knowing the customers’ channels more frequently will ensure that your startup expends its energies and efforts properly.

When you have the customer in mind, you will also be able to establish a means of keeping in touch with them that is friendly.

For instance, social media updates and chats have been more effective at reaching customers as they tend to frequent these platforms. The outsourced team must sound like you in every sense for the customer service to be effective.

3. Choose the Right Team to Outsource Customer Service

Having the right partner is a crucial component of success with customer service for startups. You should be able to work well with the team that you settle for and understand each other.

For instance, you should be in constant communication to define the kind of voice that you want to be heard by the customer. As a startup, the partner should sound and act like you, fully representing you as you focus on your main objectives.

A good customer service provider should also be fully equipped and dedicated to serving you. Their resources and staff should be able to handle your customers with ease.

how do successful startups outsource customer service
how do successful startups outsource customer service

4. Train the New Team to Understand your Company Culture

Even though the customer service representatives are trained in providing their services, you will still need to onboard them to your startup. You should train them on your company culture and best practices and the brand voice you use when communicating with customers.

The training should be short but friendly enough to get them familiar with your policy. You should also train them to deal with difficult customers and behave in certain scenarios.

5. Measure Success

Key performance indicators are important once you have started working with the new outsourced customer service team. The average response time, for instance, shows how prompt the team can respond to queries. Delays have been known to discourage customers from following up on issues and queries.

By measuring all these important aspects of customer service, you will determine the best course of action. These measures of success will also enable your startup to make important changes to improve customer service.

6. Keep Communication with the Outsourced Team Open

Open communication with your partner is the only way you can be able to make improvements. By keeping in constant touch with the outsourced customer service team, you will steer your customer services in the correct course.

You will also be able to train them on crucial aspects of dealing with various kinds of customers. It also works to improve the relationship you have with the outsourced team and ensures that you cooperate to improve the services you provide.

startups outsource customer service
startups outsource customer service

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In conclusion

The main determinant of the success of your startup in customer service is the customers themselves. Listening to them gives you enough information to enable you to work on improving your strategy and growing your relationship together. With the useful tips provided above, your startup will be more successful working with outsourced customer service.