How To Start a Power Washing Business

Are you looking for a new career that will keep you constantly outdoors? The power washing business is the most lucrative option for you and lets you different clean surfaces. Additionally, you can do it on a part-time basis and build a customer base from which you will build the business eventually.

The requirements for starting such a business are also very minimal, and you can easily overcome the hurdles to getting started. For this reason, there is nothing to stop you from starting a power washing business and start a career that will let you interact with people from all walks of life.

An Overview of the Power Washing Business

A power washing business is a mobile business that provides cleaning services to residences and commercial properties. It is both effective and efficient due to the methods, techniques, and cleaning equipment used.

However, caution and a level of skill are required as the job requires careful people. The cleaning process makes use of heated water and will need someone who is an expert at handling the equipment and handling bigger projects. It is a well-paying job with the projects being available from all kinds of clients.

Offices that need their offices cleaned thoroughly will call in a power cleaning business. Residences that need their houses cleaned from inside out will also rely on the business for their services.

How to start a power washing business
How to start a power washing business

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Trends in the Industry

The ability to render top-quality services and invest in the best technology and cleaning equipment set the good power washing business apart from the competition. Qualified cleaners are also in high demand, and the hiring process should be selective to ensure that a cleaning business has the best talent working with its equipment.

Investing in specialty equipment, such as water-fed poles will enable the business to take on even the most complex jobs and complete them on time.

The use of social media is also very popular for power washing businesses. By posting pictures and videos of the actual cleaning jobs in progress, the business adds credibility. In addition, they attract more customers due to the quality of the results they have achieved.

With video footage and video recorded from a drone, the business can showcase its results to the customers more effectively and engage more customers. Additionally, social media enables power-cleaning businesses to maintain a great position in the industry and become reliable authorities.

Online marketing is also necessary for the power cleaning business because many customers will turn to the internet whenever they are looking for cleaning services.

Additionally, customer service is extremely valuable in the power washing industry. Being responsive to customers and arriving on time enables your power washing business to set itself apart from the rest.

Flexibility in accepting payments will also attract more clients to your power washing business who would be more comfortable with online and credit card payments.

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Requirements for Starting a Power Washing Business

Knowing how to start a power washing business is important as it ensures that you are skilled and experienced enough to take on clients’ requirements. You will need to have:

  • Power washing experience: Using the equipment is not an easy task, and you will need to be experienced before taking on customer projects. With the experience, you will be more competitive as your services will be of better quality.
  • An attention to detail: From proper equipment configuration to ensure that all jobs are properly completed, you will require attention to detail daily to ensure that all projects are given the same level of attention and completed professionally.
  • Customer Service Skills: Interacting with customers is a complicated task. The business owner should be able to return calls immediately and address all the queries and concerns that the customers might be having. With such skills, you will maintain a good relationship with the customer and build your client base over time, translating into more business.
  • Know-how of chemical safety and how to use them: All cleaning chemicals must be handled with safety in mind. They should also be stored properly to preserve them, and certification in handling chemicals can work in your favor.
  • Staying Organized: Organizational skills will be needed to keep track of all appointments, arrive at the agreed place on time, and ensure that all invoices are sent to the clients in good time. With better organization, the business will also be easier to run, and it will be able to handle peak demand seasons with much ease.
  • Management skills: A time will come when your power washing business will require more employees. At this time, your management skills will be very useful for hiring and training new employees to make your business more effective and grow its scale of operations.
How much does it cost to start a power washing business
How much does it cost to start a power washing business

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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Power Washing Business?

One of the main benefits of starting a power washing business is that you will not require massive costs to start. You can be up and in business with basic equipment, which will help with your initial projects and bring in income to grow and improve your power washing business.

There are also options for renting-to-own and leasing equipment which means that you can get more even when you have a little money. Having a vehicle that can be turned to business use is another way to reduce the costs you will incur when starting your business. Your costs will cover:

  • Equipment such as hoses, nozzles, power washers, surface spinners, and wands.
  • A van or a truck
  • Chemicals used for cleaning
  • Uniform for your employees
  • A computer and a printer

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Steps to Start a Power Washing Business

Let us see how to start a power washing business.

How much does it cost to start a power washing company
How much does it cost to start a power washing company

1. Write your Business Plan

Once you have the business idea in mind, come up with a business plan for your power washing business. The business plan will be very useful for your business and will be required by banks. Additionally, the business plan ensures that you are more organized and increases the chances of success for your new business.

2. Establish a Business Entity

Your business should have a legal organization that enables it to operate. The entity can be a partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, or LLC. There are advantages and disadvantages of each entity, and you should research all of them before making your choice.

3. Name your Power Washing Business

Your power washing business will need to have a unique name that your customers will easily recognize and remember. Take the time to create a name for your business that embodies the services that you provide to them.

It should also be available and not already taken by another business. As such, a bit of research will be required to ensure that the name you choose for your business is unique and ideal for it.

4. Choose a Location

Initially, your power washing business will be easily run from your home. However, with the growth of the business to make use of more vehicles, you will need to rent a building that has space to park all your vehicles. Also, research any zoning restrictions in your area when you intend to run the power washing business from your home.

5. Get a Business License and Permits

Your new business will need to have business licenses and permits for it to operate legally. There should be permits and certificates for all the chemicals you will use in your power washing business.

A permit will also be required for all run-off water that will be flowing from your business and into the storm drain in certain places. In addition, other licenses will be needed, such as an Employer Identification Number and a sales tax license.

6. Obtain Financing

Luckily, the cost of starting a power washing business is relatively low. If a small loan is needed in starting the business, you will require excellent credit and be ready to invest about 15-25% of the costs of starting the business. You will also require reliable financing if you intend to start with several employees as they will need salaries for the first few months of the business.

Working with a financing partner on a specified agreement will be useful for your power washing business. The funding will be important as a stepping stone to greater things for your business and will ensure that you are fully established from the very start.

7. Open a Bank Account for your Business

All your personal and business finances must be kept separate at all times. Establishing a new bank account for your power washing business ensures that your expenses and income are easier to track.

8. Create a Business Marketing Plan

From the very moment you start your power washing business to when you start getting customers, marketing will be an important part of your plans. Marketing will include social media marketing, online adverts, flyers, business cards, and direct mail.

Other ideas that have been proven include referral marketing which is known to attract many new customers. Some marketing approaches will be more costly than others, and it is always wise to weigh each option before starting your marketing campaigns.

9. Get Insured

Your power washing business will require several insurance forms if the client’s property is ever damaged. While you are working, the clients might get injured, and a general liability insurance policy will cover the bills or cost of repairs.

In addition, you being insured means that you won’t need to incur the legal fees associated with any damages that happen while you are providing your services.

Your equipment is costly, and you should also insure it if it gets damaged or destroyed. Equipment insurance ensures that your business can continue even when a fire burns down all your equipment, and this way, you will not lose clients or business owing to the accident.

Your vans and trucks should also have commercial auto insurance, which will cover all the damages that might get incurred if your vehicles are involved in an accident. Your workers should also be covered by a workers compensation insurance cover which takes care of medical bills and lost wages whenever a worker gets hurt while working for you.

The best approach to getting the best insurance policy is to compare quotes from several providers. Be sure to look into the details of each policy and see whether there are benefits and advantages attached to some of the policies, such as exclusions, deductibles, and coverage limits.

10. Hire Qualified Employees

Initially, you will be able to take care of all the tasks involved with your business on your own. However, this will not be enough to sustain the business, and soon, you will need to hire new employees into your business. Hiring them will enable your business to take care of increasing demand and expansion.

Your new staff might also need training once they are hired, and your budget should be able to cover this. Additionally, you will need to provide the new employees with various benefits such as compensation insurance and contributions towards their health insurance.

11. Start an Accounting System

Accounting will be important for the long-term sustainability of your business. It will ensure that you are always on top of taxes, and you will also get to monitor cash-flow trends in your business. With the insight you obtain from your accounting system, you will also maximize profits and enhance your power washing business to operate in a streamlined manner.

Is a power washing business profitable
How much to start a power washing business

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In conclusion

A power washing business is a very lucrative business opportunity to start with little capital. It requires professional handling of the cleaning equipment, and training is required to prevent damages. You are also in charge of cleaning a variety of surfaces and working with all kinds of clients.

The services cost between $50 and $80 per hour and can be even greater for outdoor services. As a business owner, the power washing business will get you a healthy income and sustain its growth and expansion over time. With the steps outlined above, you have enough information on starting a power washing business, and you will not go wrong.